And the award goes to…

…Anthony Brown, for best use of the word conniving.

Harry and Pepper, gay penguins who since 2003 have nested together at the San Francisco Zoo, broke up after Harry had an affair with Linda, a recently widowed penguin who seduced Harry in her deceased husband’s burrow. “To be completely anthropomorphizing,” said zookeeper Anthony Brown, “Linda seems conniving.”

Also, gay penguins? Has someone bought the movie rights to this yet?

(via Harper’s Weekly)

peace out


The cool thing…

… about working at a company where the previous programmers were, let’s say, inexperienced, is that the new programmer (referring to your’s truly of course) gets to pull magic white rabbits out of hats every day. And people do not cease to be amazed by it.

“When can you have the data for me?”
“I don’t know exactly, but it’ll take some time, because I have to rerun all these other things. It might take a long time, sorry.”
“So I take it next week sometime…?”
“No, no, this afternoon, or at least tonight”
“Oh wow you rock!”

The downside (and there is always a downside) is that the new programmer gets to inherit all the shitty code that his predecessors wrote.
I would put down a succinct example of said code, but frankly there is so much of it my mind is fragged.

peace out

What’s new?

*Sigh* I haven’t had much to say during the last couple of weeks, so I’ll just mention a couple of cool things that happened recently.

First off, snowboarding! Yeah, we went to Falls Creek a couple of weeks ago, right after a cold snap here in Victoria. The snow was good enough (around 40cm), the lift tickets were half-price, the slopes were empty (!), and our accommodation had a jacuzzi and a sauna – both of which were utilized fully.

Second, I have had my first visit to the Baker International Diabetic Institute. A bit of background: about two months ago I had an ear-nose-throat infection that took a month and 4 courses of antibiotics to clear up. After which I decided that enough was enough. So I got myself Think like a Pancreas from Amazon, and made an appointment at the Baker IDI and started doing regular (around 8 times a day!) blood glucose checks. The end-result: I managed to bring my HBA1c down from 9 to 7.6 – not too shabby! No more infections, and I can feel the difference when training karate!

Think like a Pancreas is an amazing book, it really changed my approach to handling my diabetes. Maybe I’ll do another post about all the stuff that I’ve learned…

peace out