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*Sigh* I haven’t had much to say during the last couple of weeks, so I’ll just mention a couple of cool things that happened recently.

First off, snowboarding! Yeah, we went to Falls Creek a couple of weeks ago, right after a cold snap here in Victoria. The snow was good enough (around 40cm), the lift tickets were half-price, the slopes were empty (!), and our accommodation had a jacuzzi and a sauna – both of which were utilized fully.

Second, I have had my first visit to the Baker International Diabetic Institute. A bit of background: about two months ago I had an ear-nose-throat infection that took a month and 4 courses of antibiotics to clear up. After which I decided that enough was enough. So I got myself Think like a Pancreas from Amazon, and made an appointment at the Baker IDI and started doing regular (around 8 times a day!) blood glucose checks. The end-result: I managed to bring my HBA1c down from 9 to 7.6 – not too shabby! No more infections, and I can feel the difference when training karate!

Think like a Pancreas is an amazing book, it really changed my approach to handling my diabetes. Maybe I’ll do another post about all the stuff that I’ve learned…

peace out


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