Turning a router into a bridge

We bought this Panasonic home theater sound system recently. It’s pretty cool, has decent sound,
is easy to install and wire up (the rear speakers connect to their own wireless box). Besides a
Blu-ray player, the unit can also play stuff from a home network.

Correction: it *can* play stuff from the home network, if I could run ethernet cabling to the unit.
Either that, or buy this massively overprices wi-fi dongle to plug into the back. None of these two
options sound like what I would like to do.

So I looked through my box of discarded toys, where I found an old Belkin wifi router.
I checked out DD-WRT, downloaded the appropriate firmware, upgraded the router and modified
the settings (via a very nicely laid-out web gui) so that the router now acts as a bridge.

End result: the sound system is happily hooked up to the bridge, and part of the home network, and cost
me nothing extra…

peace out


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