Welcome to man.9

man.9 contains all my rants, raves and ramblings on life, culture the world. Since I am a software developer, this means lots of stuff on programming, for a whole range of projects from indie game development and multimedia applications to hacking hardware and some more abstract coding doodles.

I have been “developing software” ever since I can remember; my mom introduced me to and taught me gwbasic when I was a little kid, and from there on, having always loved the company of books, I taught myself Pascal, C/C++, Matlab, Python, Perl and a whole range of others. This has become a lot easier in the last decade and a half, since the net is such a treasure trove of useful information, especially on programming.

Profesionally I have worked in a range of industries, including medical software application development, financial instrumentation & modelling, and in the environmental health risk assessment arena – so nothing much to do with games and multimedia, but one must have hobbies in order to spend the money one makes in life!

Have a browse-around, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting.
Leave a comment in case you’d like to know something!

peace out.


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