Better the devil you know

I’m intentionally being the devil’s advocate here, but what the hell:

Obama proposes Indefinite Preventive Detention without Trial.

Or, in the slightly more poetic BoingBoing: Obama promises to suspend Habeas Corpus (long discussion here).

Granted, he is talking about what to do with the ex-Guantanamo-Bayers. It is a tricky situation. What you reap, is what you sow, etcetera. But it is curious how he mixes references to law, the Consitution and doing away with illegality and ad-hoc decisions, and instead suggests replacing them with a system that will effectively be beyond the law.

And of course, no mention is made of restricting this new “law system” only to Gauntanamo Bay and its residents…

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You must vaccinate

Charl does such a good job of explaining this, I will simply point you to his blog: You must vaccinate

Go and read it now, if you have any doubts about this.

When you come back, and in case you have any more questions, here are my Guidelines to World Domination for Dummies:

  1. Pay money to unscrupulous researcher to produce a paper showing that XXX is going to (a) kill/maim/destroy (b) us/the earth/the economy/our children.
    Note: the more vague and speculatory the paper, the better!
  2. Make sure the media gets hold of it.
  3. Profit! *

You get bonus points if XXX is something that we have been doing for ages, and has a good side to it too. Also, bonus if there is nothing that we can really do about it.
That makes it seem even more certain to actually exist and be EVIL!

* Please note that even though Profit! may only be the satisfaction of seeing stupid celebrities take up “the cause” and their idiot fans following them to their doom, for some human-looking predators this is all the reward that they will ever need.

However, in most cases Profit! always means that someone is making Money!
You can dead be sure of that.

peace out

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Interactive Story Telling

Storytron, what a great idea. It’s like choose your own adventure on steroids.

I know, I know, they say it is not, but in a sense it is, just a finer grained version of it, without the action: “do you: pressure Saddam to give up” instead of “do you: stab the thief with the knife”…

It’s all very touchy feely, “levels” of “emotions” and “respect” (and other mushy nouns) going up and down the whole time. Very dynamic, very bold, and I think it is a great idea (said that already), great concept and it just might start a new subculture as big as IF.

I do however consider it a bit grandiose that they think they’ll capture the “women and men over 30″‘s market, which according to them is being ignored by most major game developers and companies. That assumption is true. But, fact is that specific market cannot give a good damn about computer games per se, it does not matter what guise the things take. The fact is simply that a lot of women and older men do not want to play computer games, since they don’t consider it fun and they won’t change their minds because you dress it up differently.

Your grandma, if she is still alive, will not put down her book and pick up the mouse to “play a game that is like a book” even if you paid her. She’ll continue reading her book. Or play with her Wii. Now those guys have figured out how to corner the older market, mainly because instead of sitting people down they have people stand up swing their arms. Not that I have to tell you that, but…

peace out.


A warm welcome to you.
Travelled far? No worries, have a seat. It’s warm here near the fire. Yep, those are the lost documents. They burn with a such lovely yellow colour. It’s due to their age, and also because they are printed on such good quality thick paper.
Ah, listen to that crisp crackle…