Carb Counting courses around the world

I recently did a course on flexible insulin management using carb counting, called FlexIT. It is run by the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute here in Melbourne. It is an enlightening experience, to say the least, for this 27-year diabetes patient.

So here’s a question I’d like to throw out there on the interwebs: Do you know of similar courses that are run in other parts of the world?

My dad has just asked me whether I know of such a course in Norway (since an acquaintance of his asked about it), but after looking around on google and wikipedia I could only find mention of DAFNE, which seems to be UK (and also Australia) based, and some mentions about such courses in the USA, but not really anywhere else.

So are there any Norwegians out there who know differently? Or for that matter, anyone elsewhere in the world?

peace out


What’s new?

*Sigh* I haven’t had much to say during the last couple of weeks, so I’ll just mention a couple of cool things that happened recently.

First off, snowboarding! Yeah, we went to Falls Creek a couple of weeks ago, right after a cold snap here in Victoria. The snow was good enough (around 40cm), the lift tickets were half-price, the slopes were empty (!), and our accommodation had a jacuzzi and a sauna – both of which were utilized fully.

Second, I have had my first visit to the Baker International Diabetic Institute. A bit of background: about two months ago I had an ear-nose-throat infection that took a month and 4 courses of antibiotics to clear up. After which I decided that enough was enough. So I got myself Think like a Pancreas from Amazon, and made an appointment at the Baker IDI and started doing regular (around 8 times a day!) blood glucose checks. The end-result: I managed to bring my HBA1c down from 9 to 7.6 – not too shabby! No more infections, and I can feel the difference when training karate!

Think like a Pancreas is an amazing book, it really changed my approach to handling my diabetes. Maybe I’ll do another post about all the stuff that I’ve learned…

peace out

to the T

Ok, this was on slashdot a couple days ago, so in net-time that means ages ago, but I just can’t stop thinking about it: Australian scientists have found a different way to stop the human body from rejecting organ transplants. One that does not depend on taking hardcore immunosuppressants.

Here is the press-release.

According to the article, the treatment uses natural regulatory T cells to damp down the response of killer T cells (the ones which attack foreign material in the body, such as viruses, bacteria and transplanted organs).

The cool thing is that a) this is more natural and b) the treatment is short-term. According to the people involved, the treatment should only last for 2 or 3 weeks. Which means that the patient rests/recouperates in a clean-room, and afterwards is ready to go home. All done. Not so for the current treatment which uses immunosuppressants, which are basically toxic substances which can sometimes do more harm than good, and need to be administered for a much longer period, with all manner of possible adverse side-effects.

So why is this cracking my nut? Because even though the first succesful trials have only been performed on mice to date, the trials involved the implantation of pancreas islet cells into diabetic mice.

I seriously hope they can get this standardised and approved for human application ASAP. As in yesterday.

peace out.