Turning a router into a bridge

We bought this Panasonic home theater sound system recently. It’s pretty cool, has decent sound,
is easy to install and wire up (the rear speakers connect to their own wireless box). Besides a
Blu-ray player, the unit can also play stuff from a home network.

Correction: it *can* play stuff from the home network, if I could run ethernet cabling to the unit.
Either that, or buy this massively overprices wi-fi dongle to plug into the back. None of these two
options sound like what I would like to do.

So I looked through my box of discarded toys, where I found an old Belkin wifi router.
I checked out DD-WRT, downloaded the appropriate firmware, upgraded the router and modified
the settings (via a very nicely laid-out web gui) so that the router now acts as a bridge.

End result: the sound system is happily hooked up to the bridge, and part of the home network, and cost
me nothing extra…

peace out


hacking the plush

Via the Make Blog comes this video about a group of English girls who are introduced to the Arduino, and do some cool stuff with it.

Hold on, you say, given the concepts of

  1. microprocessor
  2. electronics,
  3. programming and
  4. young girls,

which is the odd one out?

However, the video shows the girls getting started, from scratch, with a basic introduction of what is possible with the Arduino, to developing an idea (or scenario, as they call it) which they would like to build themselves, to learning all the ins and outs of the construction, and in the end even getting to grips with programming, and ending up with a completed project!

For those of you who don’t know, the Arduino is a physical computing platform (which basically means a microprocessor that sits between your computer and an electronic circuit that you design). The magic of the platform lies in its low cost and the ease with which you can create interactive electronic projects ranging from the very simple to the amazingly complex.

This just goes to show how accessible electronics have become, and I hope we see more of this kind of thing in the future.

peace out