flabbergasted, as an aside

I was following a breadcrumb trail today on the subject of the Ray Kurzweil movie Transcendental Man.

On the wikipedia page for Mr. Kurzweil, I read a quote from Douglas Hofstadter who said the following about Kurzweil (and Hans Moravec),

“It’s as if you took a lot of very good food and some dog excrement and blended it all up so that you can’t possibly figure out what’s good or bad. It’s an intimate mixture of rubbish and good ideas, and it’s very hard to disentangle the two, because these are smart people; they’re not stupid.”

I am sorry, but I find that quote as ironic in the extreme. Especially from someone who puts Goedel, Escher and Bach into a blender along with some hokey pokey and hand waving, and then subsequently tries to finger paint a Picasso with the resulting mess.

peace out