License to Compute?

Ok, so here is the slashdot story: Crime Expert Backs Call For “License To Compute”.
As always, read the friggin’ original article first. Done? Please proceed.

When I saw this, my initial reaction was “the Australian government and their cyberidiocy, at it again”. But then I double checked, thought about it, and changed my mind. The keyword in the article is EDUCATION.

Sure, requiring that people earn a Computer License is absurd. But what if we actually push for regulation that forces more people to undertake some kind of educational program? Giving people a secure browser, and sending them out into the wild does not make it safer for them without telling them how to use it properly, first.

Questions: How much harder can we make it for the crims to get hold of credit card numbers when people are more informed. Depends on the degree of informed, I guess? Also, criminals adapt; make it harder for them to get what they want and they will only try harder in return. But it is a start.

Also, what kind of regulation would actually be beneficial? Requiring that everyone take some kind of course at school? The most vulnerable people are not in school anymore! How about this: pass regulation that if a person is caught up in a cybercrime fraud, that they take full responsibility (ie. the bank does not have to cover for them) unless they take such a course.

What do you think?

peace out.